My Dojo is not a Business

On the surface it seems like such a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Unfortunately all too many people waste their time looking at the surface, the newspaper headlines and talking points. We are in a time unlike any other, where the simple need for personal interaction to solve a problem has been reduced to the…

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Kyoei no Kama, Jinen ryu Bikenjutsu

Masa Yume, A Dream Come True

Kyoei no Kamae 虚影の構え The feeling is of one showing 突きor opening to the opponent with either the left or right shoulder. We began this training this spring at Sensei’s request.

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Hatsu keiko, first training of the New Year in Mahopac

2015 Hatsu Keiko, Momentum

I’m not a football fan, but my oldest son is. For that reason, I’ll sit with him and endure what I find to be a quite over-rated sport. Last February, I took the night to sit with Adam and watch the Super Bowl XLVIII when the Denver Broncos faced off against the Seattle Seahawks. My kid…

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Taditional martial arts and jujutsu training in Putnam County, New York.

Introduction to Tessenjutsu

At our Dojo, we began Tessenjutsu in September, 2014. Our goal is to complete the Kamae Kihon and Kata by January, 2015. To help support this training and make it more comprehensive, I’ve written this article as an introduction to this commonly misunderstood weapon. It was previously published in the Jinenkan quarterly newsletter, Seiryu. Now,…

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Martial arts training in Mahopac, New York

Kukishin Ryū, Sweden

Adam Mitchell of the Jinenkan Kōsei Gōgi Dōjō will be teaching on June 27th, 28th and 29th the art of Kukishin Ryū Dakentaijutsu, 九鬼神流打拳体術 along with Rico Van Veenendaal of the Jinenkan Mononofu Dojo who will be teaching Kukishin Ryū Kodachijutsu, 脇差術. Please be sure to visit and support the event’s facebook page here.

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Traditional and realistic martial arts training

The Difference

This weekend, I overheard a local martial arts guru discuss with a kind man the difference between the martial art he studied and the one I study. I usually don’t dabble in this type of talk, but there was a sincere curiosity from the man’s question so I felt obligated to offer some honest insight.…

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Jinenkan Kosei Gogi Dojo, NY

Tantojutsu & Kusarifundojutsu Workshop with Mario DeMol

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With Adam Mitchell, Jinenkan Kosei Gogi Dojo, Mahopac NY

Enbu, Newport, RI

The 2013 Newport Black Ships Festival was a great success. As always, we were happy to train alongside our fellow martial artists as well as enjoy the beautiful music and good food being served throughout the day. Finally, some good Japanese curry! Following is a link to a piece put into the Providence Journal newspaper…

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Eric Shahan, Jinenkan Dojocho

Ninjutsu no Gokui, A Book Review

Before I get into my thoughts about this book let me just be very clear that the author of this translation, Eric Shahan is a friend and colleague. When I first heard about this project I was super excited as I own an original version of this book and have never seen a translation of…

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Jinenkan Kosei Gogi Dojo, Mahopac, New York

Tape Whatever is Broken

The Dōjō is a place you can come to when your life is over crowded. But it’s no get away. There is no cold drink cooler, no candy machine, nobody to pat your bottom and tell you how hard you work. It’s a Dōjō. There are no lies here. It’s hot as hell in the…

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